Virtual Assistants for Insurance Agents

Insurance Agency Virtual Assistants make hiring an employee seem old fashioned. 

Hiring and training an employee can be time consuming and costly, but hiring a virtual assistant provided by Lava Automation is easy and has been proven to bring more money into insurance agencies all around the country.

The idea of hiring a virtual assistant might be totally new to you, so to give you a better understanding of why so many insurance agents are choosing virtual assistants over traditional employees, we’ll go over five ways a virtual assistant can help.

Insurance Agency Automation

Insurance Agency Automation

Here at lava automation, we’re not just in the business of creating successful software and integrations. We’re also in the business of creating thriving, well-rounded insurance agency owners.

  • $50 million in premium automated annually
  • Coach to over 400 insurance agency owners

We believe it’s not enough to tell you how to get more leads. We’ll build you a framework to achieve more peace of mind as you’re building your insurance agency. 

Improve retention. Become efficient. We can help. 

About Lava Automation

We’re your back office consultants and we want to make your team’s job easier.

Your company is the best in the world for us to help because we’ve been there and understand the struggles of having to wear 50 hats, hold everyone accountable, and watch as staff struggles with simple or outdated technology and very little support.

What Automation Can’t Crush, Virtual Assistants Dominate…

Virtual Assistants​

World Class Automation


Amazing at what they do! I was tired of wasting money on lost leads and looking for someone to help me with automation. Their methods are proven and yield great results. You won’t be disappointed!
Sharon C.
These guys really know their stuff. Helped me get my CRM automation established and set me on a solid path for optimizing my client relations workflow! ​
John l.
Austin and his team are absolutely the best at what they do! No secret sauce, just hard work and experience. You can't go wrong! If you want to take your business to the next level, give them a call!
Daniel S.

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