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Most modern insurance agents struggle to maintain their activity requirements. Tell me if you can relate to any of these things we hear our clients complain about:

  • Emails are slipping through the cracks.
  • New leads are going cold.
  • Current clients are being left out to dry.
  • Overhead keeps getting more & more expensive!

Have you ever thought about what happens if this continues in your life? It gets really bad!

You can’t hire the next person because you can’t afford the new payroll. You can no longer afford to buy time. You can’t spend money on marketing because the leads are not followed up on.

Then you hit a point of no return…

Eventually you lose as much business as you write. Which is the harbinger of a long, slow, and painfully excruciating death.

We want to help you AVOID this! Book an appointment now with our best assignment strategists, click the button below.

More Time​

If you're like more Agents you're wearing 50 hats and your staff should be focusing on their KPIs, which means there are a ton of tasks that get left undone each day that you literally can't afford to get done.

Reduce Operating Cost​

Do more without paying more. Starting at $10/hr, you can afford to hire a handful to grow your agency and fill in the gaps that have been neglected for years.

Increase Efficiency​

Having VAs fill the gaps in your processes means that you can actually speed up your internal sales engine. Agents can double their quoting capacity with a VA helping them prepare quotes and chase closing docs and still find time to update internal sales reports.