A Note From the Best Insurance Agencies in 2024

Three trends for insurance agencies who want to grow exponentially in the next 3 years

It’s never a bad time to plan for the future. In fact, insurance agencies fail when they don’t think long and hard about the future.


Instead of casting an inspiring vision and building backwards, owners get caught in the day-to-day minutiae. It’s good to keep up with your responsibilities, but you can’t neglect the most important one! 


Your most important responsibility is thinking ahead. Let’s take a look at the three trends that forward thinking insurance agencies will follow to increase profit over the next few years.


  1. Focus on Your Network


Your network is your net worth. Even in the days of automation, relationships still matter. If you’re not building trusted partnerships or taking care of existing clients, it’s only a matter of time before you’re looking for your next venture. 


How do you grow a network that people love being a part of? One of the first keys is to give more than you take. 


Are the interactions people have with your agency pleasant and valuable? 


Or are they the kind that ask your prospects and clients to jump through hoops to get a useful answer? 


Customer experience is king. Don’t ever, ever forget that. Hard work and a thirst for making things amazing must be at the center of your growth efforts. 

  1. Get a CRM and Get Going

Remember earlier when we said a lot of agency owners get caught in the minutiae? Picking a CRM is the mother of all minutiae!


Yes, you need to be vigilant when choosing the backbone of your agency. However, you can’t waffle back and forth forever. Our recommendation is that you find a CRM that can scale and just start. 


These three are ones we’d recommend

  • Agency Zoom

  • Better Agency

  • Keap


Once you get your CRM in place, use it! These aren’t simple spreadsheets anymore. They’re insanely powerful tools that can take someone from prospect to loyal customer faster than ever before!


Most agents never see what a CRM is truly capable of. We’d hate for you to be in that group. You can avoid that by moving quickly and embracing the unknown. Before you know it, you’ll have an agency that could run on autopilot. 


  1. Hire a World-Class Workforce at a Fraction of the Cost


Two words: Virtual Assistants


We use them… 


Dozens of our clients use them… 


It seems everyone we talk to on a daily basis is using them


We all marvel at how much simpler they make our lives. Think of all the repetitive tasks you and your team do every day. They need to be done, but do they need to be done by the most expensive staff on your payroll? Hint, the answer is no. 


Instead, you could have a virtual workforce that does the majority of simple tasks for you. 


  • Contact Management

  • Policy Preparation

  • Research 

  • Support


All of these activities are vital, but they don’t need to be done by an American that you pay upwards of $20 an hour. 


Wouldn’t it be easier to have someone just as capable doing it for half that amount? 


As an agency owner, you need to act as the CFO of your organization. The CFO has one main duty: create as much profit as possible. Think of VAs as the CFO’s secret weapon. 


What to know more about successfully scaling your insurance agency to reach your 2024 goals? Send us an email at info@lavaautomation.com